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Experts consider Netflix to be a superb investment and they expect it will continue to grow.

Those visionaries that invested 1.000$ in Netflix in 2007 have obtained profits over 90.000$, according to CNBC calculations, which makes the experts think that the uptrend might continue, perhaps for a long time.

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investing in Netflix

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To invest in Netflix, you must be at least 18 years old.
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Netflix has had a veritably outrageous rising trend even in their worst times. Those investors that bought their stock in 2012 have received a mind-boggling return of 872% so far. To put this into perspective, a 250$ investment in Netflix stock in 2012 would have yielded 174.400$ today. This represents almost 25.000$ on yearly profits, average of 2.076$ a month.

The well-known investment firm Goldman and Sachs has described the platform as follows: "This company's investment in their content, technology and distribution will lead to an increase in their subscriber base way beyond the experts' consensus, both in the U.S. and internationally".

At the same time Raymond James, the banking investment company, have changed Netflix's rating from "Strong buy" to "Outstanding" and had these comments about this change: "We believe the combination of positive reviews and the rising signs of potential long-term growth will produce a superior performance on their stock price".

Figure 1 – Netflix stock performance for the last 3 months

Is this a good moment to invest in Netflix?

According to their own reports, Netflix added 29 million subscribers in 2018, hitting 140 million subscribers globally. If we compare this figure with Facebook's 2,3 billion subscribers (which are viable and content & entertainment - thirsty subscribers), there is enormous room for growth room for this platform. The company, worth 153$ billion, is still a growing company that keeps expanding and conquering new markets by leaps and bounds.

Those who invest in Netflix could be opening the floodgates for great profits if the winning streak keeps going, as long as they keep in mind that time is of the essence, and that the stock prices could be increasing by the minute. It seems that, even though times have changed, the Netflix formula remains the same: to grow and to invest.

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